Information for our customers

If you need to deliver goods from one port to another you can address to us and we will offer a way of carriage. We will make all preliminary arrangements, explain you all specific details of prospective voyage, obtain insurance cover for your goods against possible risks (if required), finally, we conclude carriage contract with you and deliver goods to destination in accordance with this contract.

At stage of goods pre-sale we will provide you with full information of current market rates and give you indication on basis of your specific requirements.

We can do voyage charter as well as contract of affreightment for several voyages within certain period, or you can choose time-charter and have full control of the ship.

Practically, for occasional or irregular trade voyage charter is the most suitable contract. That will ensure current market freight rates for your economic and you will not bear any further obligation towards shipowners.

Alternatively, if you plan series of voyages it makes sense to conclude a contract with shipowners for regular voyages on fixed rates. Then your trade will not be dependable on market freights fluctuations.

If you are a professional in shipping and maritime industry, you may wish to time-charter a ship and then operate it on your own. In this case we will find suitable tonnage that meets your requirements based on our knowledge and exclusive contacts with shipowners. Further on you definitely know what to do with it.